Alternative Dispute Resolution




Joseph S. Brockington has been appointed by a sitting Circuit Court Judge and has exercised the powers of a Circuit Judge in over 60 Summary Jury Trials. Charleston and the surrounding counties have found this expedited trial process to be an extremely efficient and cost-effective way of trying cases to a jury.

By Order dated March, 7, 2013, Chief Justice Toal adopted statewide rules for “Fast Track Jury Trials,” which are essentially the same as the “Summary Jury Trials” that Charleston area lawyers have been doing for a number of years. Please click here to get copies of the statewide rules and a form order referring a case to a Fast Track Jury Trial and appointing the hearing officer.

Paul Gibson, Esq., and Sam Clawson, Esq., are the two leading trial lawyer pioneers and spokesmen, throughout the country, for Fast Track Jury Trials. Both are extremely successful trial lawyers, Paul primarily from the plaintiff perspective, and Sam primarily from the defense perspective.

Summary or Fast Track jury trials are one of the key innovations in our civil justice system of this century. They provide an expeditious and cost effective method of resolving civil disputes. Our Chief Justice, Jean Toal, has deemed Fast Track trials  a “godsend” to alleviate our contested jury dockets. This system was the product of the genius of several experienced trial attorneys who recognized the problem and devised a solution. A giant among the founding fathers of the summary jury system is Joe Brockington. Joe presided over some of the very first summary trials and literally wrote the guidebook for future special hearing officers. Today, Joe most probably has presided over more Fast Track trials than any other lawyer in the State. He is definitely the “go-to” guy for advice, counsel and conduct of Fast Track trials in the lowcountry.

E. Paul Gibson, Esq. — Past President, S.C. Trial Lawyers Association; Board Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy by the Nat’l Board of Legal Specialty Certification; Certified Mediator by the South Carolina Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification

Joe Brockington is one of the top Fast Track Jury Trial judges in the State.  From the early days of what was then called a summary jury trial to the now formalized Fast Track Jury Trial, Joe has been in the forefront of recommended judges by both the plaintiff and defense bars.

I am often asked, “What makes a good FTJT judge?”  First and foremost is having a wealth of practical experience in the courtroom as a trial attorney.  Second is a good judicial disposition.  Joe grades out very high in both.

Sam Clawson, Esq. — Managing Member of Clawson and Staubes, LLC; Best Lawyers of the Year 2013, Insurance Law; Certified Mediator by the South Carolina Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification


In addition to his work as a Hearing Officer/Trial Judge, Joseph S. Brockington has been certified by the South Carolina Supreme Court as a mediator and arbitrator since 1995.

Mike Maucher, Esq., has been a leading trial lawyer on both the defense and plaintiff sides of the bar, and therefore brings both perspectives to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

I have used Attorney Joe Brockington on many occasions as an Arbitrator, Mediator, and Summary/Fast Track Jury Trial Officer. Mr. Brockington is always prepared, knowledgeable, and respectful to all parties and the process. I have always felt that Mr. Brockington’s rulings were fair and impartial, and I have always been satisfied with the process. I wholeheartedly endorse Joe Brockington for Arbitration, Mediation, or Summary/Fast Track Jury Trial Services.

Mike Maucher, Esq. — After several years as a Navy Judge Advocate stationed in Charleston, and several more on the defense side, Mike teamed up with Pete DeLuca in 1989 to form DeLuca and Maucher. Pete and Mike have been making big news with settlements and verdicts for their clients ever since.